General Information

The Wisconsin Hoofers is the premier outdoors club at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. With nearly 2,000 members, Hoofers is the oldest and largest student organization on campus. From sailing on Lake Mendota to climbing at Devil’s Lake, Hoofers is a place where people of all abilities can learn outdoor skills and enjoy outdoor activities.

Hoofers is proud to be part of the Wisconsin Union Directorate, the student programming and leadership board for the Wisconsin Union.

Get outside with us and hoof on!

What's a Hoofer?

To “hoof it” is a slang term for walking. In 1931, the name Hoofer was chosen because it evoked a sense of “getting there under your own power."

Our Mission

Wisconsin Hoofers aims to create opportunities for all to experience the outdoors, as well as to enhance the mission of the Wisconsin Union by:

1. Promoting the education of members in the outdoors.

2. Fostering interest, participation, and encouragement in outdoor activities by providing leadership, instruction, and education.

3. Instructing and executing programs related to environmental concerns and community affairs.