Hoofer Council

Hoofers Council is composed of the Council President, four Vice Presidents, five Officers, and each of the six Club Presidents. Together, these individuals help make Hoofers the coolest club on campus!

Council President


Marie Tuchscherer

Hey everyone! My name is Marie, and I’m your 2022-2023 Hoofer Council President. I’m a senior studying Wildlife Ecology with a background in Aeronautics. I started out in Hoofers as a transfer student looking to meet some fellow outdoorspeople – and I sure came to the right place! Whether learning how to windsurf on Lake Mendota or carving down Mount Bohemia in fresh powder, Hoofer Clubs offer a wealth of experiences. When I’m not with Hoofers or working on school, you’ll find me unicycling around campus, exploring all the coffeeshops and flying at local airports. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions (president@hoofers.org), and if you see me on campus, say hi!


Vice President - Administration


Marike Dana

Hey! My name is Marike and I will be VP-Administration for the 2022-2023 school year. I am a senior studying Materials Science and Engineering with a Certificate in Engineering for Energy Sustainability. Growing up in Colorado, I fell in love with skiing, hiking, camping, roller blading, and everything outdoors. At Madison, I am a member of the Ski and Snowboard Club and the Alpine Ski Team. Please reach out if you have any questions about any administrative tasks or anything else!


Vice President - Finance

Grace thomas

Grace Thomas

Hey everyone! My name is Grace Thomas and I’ll be your VP-Finance for the 2022-2023 school year. I am a senior studying Finance and Accounting in the Business School. I have been a part of Ski and Snowboard club as well as the Alpine race team for three years now and I have loved every minute of it! I look forward to being on council this year and getting more involved in all of the other Hoofer clubs.


Vice President - Information Systems


Nick Greene

Hello Hoofers! I'm Nick and I'll be the VP Information Systems for 2022-2023. I'm a senior studying computer engineering, computer science, and game design. I've been a member of Hoofers Ski and Snowboard and the Wisconsin Alpine team for the last 3 years and I'm excited to be able to explore the other clubs and lead Hoofers for my final year! I love outdoor activities of all varieties even when there isn't snow, so come say hi if you see me walking around campus!


Vice President - Diversity and Inclusion

Kriner Woodworth

Emily Kriner-Woodworth

Hello! I'm Emily (she/her) and I am this year's VP of Diversity and Inclusion for Hoofers! I'm a junior studying Nutrition & Dietetics with a certificate in Global Health. I'm really excited to be leading Hoofers Ambassadors and plan engaging events that promote diversity and accessibility in the world of outdoor sports. In the winter I can be found shredding the gnar and in the summer going for long runs or experimenting with a new smoothie recipe. If you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns for me (or just want to chat) please do reach out!


Vice President - Marketing


Anna Maples

Hey everyone! My name is Anna Maples and I’m super excited to be your marketing Vice President this year! I’m a sophomore with an undecided major! Growing up in Minnesota, I’ve grown up hiking, trail running up north and embracing the lakes. As VP-Marketing, I’m excited to inform Hoofers and community members alike about all events throughout the different clubs. I love doing anything outdoors, thrift shopping and anything food related. Feel free to reach out to me via email to chat or ask questions!


Officer - Alumni Outreach

De Sevilla

Andrew De Sevilla

Hey everyone! My name is Andrew, and I’m the Officer of Alumni Outreach for the Spring 2023 semester. I am a second-year undergrad studying Wildlife Ecology, and a helicopter pilot with an IFR rating. As an Eagle Scout from Los Angeles, CA, I grew up with a love for outdoor activities such as hiking and backpacking. Once in Madison, I was excited to join Hoofers, meet people with similar interests, and try outdoor activities I never even heard of! I am glad to help lead this program with such amazing people. Feel free to email me with any questions. Have a good one!


Officer - Education and Risk Management


Heather Hunt

Hey everybody! My name is Heather, I’m a senior majoring in Biology with a certificate in Environmental Studies. As the Officer of Education and Risk Management I am excited to help our members develop the skills they need to grow from all different skill levels. I will also help offer opportunities/programs to learn how to create a safe environment for outdoor recreation. Some things I love are backpacking, trail running, and meeting new people! Feel free to reach out to me with anything Education/Risk Management related or if you just want to chat!


Officer - Programs


Meghan Dougherty

Hi everybody! My name is Meghan, and I am a sophomore majoring in Consumer Behavior and Marketplace studies. I am super excited to be your Officer of Programs and can’t wait to start planning rad events for y’all. I joined SNS last year and had a ton of fun on the trip to Crested Butte (where this pic was taken :) ). I look forward to working with all the lovely people involved with Hoofers and getting to know the different clubs! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


Club President - Mountaineering


Claire Johnson

Hello all! My name is Claire Johnson and I am beyond stoked to be the Hoofer Mountaineering President this year! I am a sophomore studying Journalism, Digital Cinema Productions, and Environmental Studies. The infinite dimensions of rock climbing and it's community had me hooked from the start! In the past five years since then, I’ve climbed all over the Midwest and am starting to tick off routes out West. I cannot wait to lead such an awesome group of climbers and earth-dwellers! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!


Club President - Outing


Lily Mass

Howdy! My name is Lily Mass, and I am the Outing President this year. I am a fourth year student studying Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as pursuing certificates in Sustainability and Studio Art. I grew up canoeing, backpacking, and sea kayaking across the Northwoods and Lake Superior and have been excited to explore more of the world through camping. I have been part of the Outing Club for the past three years and have formed many of my best friendships there. I cannot wait for y’all to be a part of our community and go on more adventures together!


Club President - Riding

Chloe roberts copy

Chloe Roberts

Hello! My name is Chloe Roberts, and I am your Hoofer Riding President for 2022-2023. I am a senior studying Political Science and Classical Humanities. I have been a part of the equestrian team and hoofer riding club the past three years and can’t wait to be a part of it for the next! I look forward to leading the riding club this year!


Club President (Commodore) - Sailing


Catherine Gross

Ahoy! I am Catherine Gross, your Sailing Club Commodore for this year! I am a fourth-year student studying Physics, Math, and Latin. After growing up sailing with my mother from as early as I can remember, I am beyond delighted to be able to take on a role where I can help share the love of the sport with so many people. Hoofer Sailing Club has been an influential part of so many lives (mine included!), and I am excited for the chance to play a bigger role in creating these opportunities for the community. If you ever see me around the docks, I hope you take a moment to come up and say hi!


Club President - Scuba

Grace roper

Grace Roper

Hi everyone! My name is Grace Roper, and I am the Hoofers Scuba President for this year. I am a senior majoring in Environmental Science and Life Science Communications. I have been scuba certified for 2 years, and I instantly fell in love with diving and have dove all over the country (Florida, California, Illinois & Wisconsin)! I'm passionate about diving and really excited to lead this amazing club for another year, so I can share the amazing experience of diving with others! Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or for more information!


Club President - Ski and Snowboard


Delaney Dykman

Howdy there! My name is Delaney Dykman and I’m your Ski and Snowboard President for the 2022/2023 school year. I am a senior majoring in Strategic Communications and Environmental Studies. I joined SnS my sophomore year and instantly felt at home. The trips, the fun events, and all the people who are as stoked about skiing as I am, is what truly makes me proud to be the president of this club. When I’m not thinking about skiing, I like to hike, paddle board, rollerblade and hang out with my friends. If you ever see me on campus feel free to say ‘hi’!