Hoofer Council

Hoofers Council is composed of the Council President, four Vice Presidents, five Officers, and each of the six Club Presidents. Together, these individuals help make Hoofers the coolest club on campus!

Council President

Julia pletta

Julia Pletta

Hello! My name is Julia Pletta, and I’m your Hoofer Council President for 2021-2022. I’m a senior studying Finance, Investment & Banking and International Business. I can’t imagine my time here at UW-Madison without Hoofers; through this club I’ve learned to sail on Lake Mendota, skied out in Colorado, learned to ice climb, led backpacking trips, and whitewater kayaked through class II rapids up north. In this position I work with the vice presidents, officers, and club presidents below as well as the student leaders of the Wisconsin Union Directorate to support and grow all of Hoofers. I’m so excited to get out on the water and on the trails with our amazing Hoofer Clubs as programming starts back up again! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions by email at president@hoofers.org or to say hi if you see me eating ice cream on the Terrace, trying out the V3s in Boulders downtown, or paddling a kayak on the lake!


Vice President - Administration

Marryann copy

Marie Tuchscherer

Hey everyone! I’m Marie and I’ll be your VP-Admin this year. I’m a junior majoring in Wildlife Ecology with a background in aviation. I enjoy the outdoors in every capacity and can’t wait to share that love with you all! In my spare time, catch me learning how to sail, unicycling around campus, camping and hiking, drinking copious amounts of coffee or flying at local airports.


Vice President - Finance

Grace thomas

Grace Thomas

Hey everyone! My name is Grace Thomas and I’ll be your VP-Finance for the 2021-2022 school year. I am a junior studying Finance and Accounting in the Business School. I have been a part of Ski and Snowboard club as well as the Alpine race team for two years now and I have loved every minute of it! I look forward to being on council this year and getting more involved in all of the other Hoofer clubs.


Vice President - Information Systems

Alec hering

Alec Hering

Hey everyone! My name is Alec Hering and I'm a junior majoring in Computer Science. I'm super excited to be taking the role of VP Infosystems this year! I love spending time with friends, playing video games and especially skiing. I'm also a member of the ski and snowboard club and have spent most of my time in hoofers with this organization. Reach out if you have any questions!


Vice President - Marketing

Alice farr

Alice Farr

Hey everybody! My name is Alice and I’m a fourth year studying Textile & Fashion Design and Environmental Studies. As VP-Marketing, I’m looking forward to keeping our Hoofer community connected with one another and with the outdoors, and I can’t wait to help get everyone out enjoying normal programming again this year! I’ve always been drawn to the outdoors because I’m happiest when I’m exploring nature and having fun being active with friends. My passions are backpacking, biking, trail running, and rock climbing and I love chatting about them, so come say hi! Be sure to reach out to my position email with any questions or to send me some awesome trip photos!


Officer - Alumni Outreach


Anna Maples

Hey everyone! My name is Anna Maples and I’m super excited to be your Alumni Outreach this year! I’m a freshman and am majoring in business-undecided! Being from Minnesota, I’ve grown up hiking, trail running up north and embracing the lakes. This year I look forward to Outing Club and trying out others like Scuba and Sailing. I love thrift shopping, hiking, swimming and anything food related. Feel free to reach out to me via email to chat or ask questions!


Officer - Diversity and Inclusion

Isabel Peterson

Isabel Peterson

Hello! My name is Isabel Peterson and I will be the Officer of Diversity and Inclusion for 2021-2022. I am a senior from Minneapolis studying economics, political science, and environmental studies. I was the Officer of Programs last year and I am excited to continue to be a part of council! In my position as Officer of Diversity and Inclusion I will be the head of Hoofer Ambassadors, which is the programming arm dedicated to making the outdoors more accessible to all! Hoofer Ambassadors is welcome to everyone so I hope to you see you at one of our meetings or events :)

Learn more about Hoofer's Ambassadors!


Officer - Education and Risk Management

Gustafson ella

Ella Gustafson

Hello! I’m Ella and I’m the Officer of Education and Risk Management for the 2021-2022 school year. I believe that Hoofers is a place where people with all levels of experience in the outdoors can come together and enjoy the beauty and the challenge of recreation. I’m looking forward to helping our membership develop their risk management skills to make sure that we provide a safe environment for outdoor recreation! I will be a Senior at UW this year and I also work in the OUW Office. When I’m not sending folks out on a kayaking adventure or working on homework, you can find me running around Madison, climbing (falling) at Boulders, or sitting on my porch with a good book. Feel free to reach out to me with anything Education/Risk Management related or if you just want to chat!


Officer - Programs

Sydney klemz

Sydney Klemz

Hi everyone! My name is Sydney Klemz and I am your Programs Officer this year. I'm a sophomore from Milwaukee, WI and am studying business management and entrepreneurship as well as Spanish. I've been snow skiing since I was ten years old and am excited to be joining UW's alpine race team for a second year this winter. Some things I enjoy are playing guitar, show skiing, and fueling my online shopping addiction🙂. I look forward to working with everyone on the Hoofer's council as well as getting involved with all the great clubs Hoofers has to offer!


Club President - Mountaineering

Peter matthews

Peter Matthews

Hi there 👋! I'm Peter Matthews and I'm going into my fourth year studying Computer Science, Math, and Physics. I joined Mountaineering my freshman year and have been climbing for four years now. I consider myself to be two parts gumby gym rat and one part trad dad. I started climbing in high school at Adventure Rock in Brookfield, WI. Since then, I've climbed in Yosemite, Red River Gorge, Jackson Falls, and all over Wisconsin. In my mind, there's nothing cooler than walking up to a huge rock face with only climbing gear and ending the day on its summit. Nowadays, I climb mostly at downtown Boulders and find every excuse I can to get to Devil's Lake. If you see me around campus or at the climbing gym, don't be a stranger! Also, if you're looking to learn more about climbing in Madison or Mountaineering Club, don't hesitate to shoot me an email!


Club President - Outing


Forrest Ahrens

Hello everyone! My name is Forrest Ahrens and I'm the Outing Club President this year. I'm a senior studying Mechanical Engineering and I'm so excited to meet everyone after a year of being cooped up inside. I'm originally from St. Paul, MN so I've grown up paddling on the Mississippi River and in the Boundary Waters as well as hiking in the North Woods of Minnesota near lake Superior. I've been a part of Outing Club for the last three years and have met many of my best friends there. I can't wait for you all to be part of our community and go on new adventures together!


Club President - Riding

Chloe roberts copy

Chloe Roberts

Hello! My name is Chloe Roberts, and I am your Hoofer Riding President for 2021-2022. I am a junior studying Political Science and Classical Humanities. I have been a part of the equestrian team and hoofer riding club the past two years and can’t wait to be a part of it for the next two! I look forward to leading the riding club this year!


Club President (Commodore) - Sailing

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Austin Suvari

My name is Austin Suvari, and I am the Commodore of the Hoofer Sailing Club! I'm a Junior studying Mechanical Engineering. I am a member of the UW Madison Sailing Team as well. Growing up next the Lake Michigan, in Evanston IL, I’ve always been drawn to the water. Whether it was sailing, swimming, or playing water polo, you could not keep me out of the water. I learned to sail at a sleep away camp when I was nine and have been infatuated with the sport since. I’m eager to serve as commodore for the club this semester and look forward to meeting all of you. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions!


Club President - Scuba

Grace roper

Grace Roper

Hi everyone! My name is Grace Roper, and I am the Hoofers Scuba President for this year. I am a junior majoring in Environmental Science and Life Science Communications. While I've only been scuba certified for one year, I instantly fell in love with diving and have dove all over the country. I'm passionate about diving and really excited to lead this amazing club, so I can share the amazing experience of diving with others! Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or for more information!


Club President - Ski and Snowboard

Isabel picture

Isabel Ullrich

Hi everyone! My name is Isabel Ullrich and I am your SNS President this year. I am a senior studying strategic communications and environmental studies, and I am from Milwaukee, WI. I have been skiing since I was just three years old, and I have been on the Wisconsin Alpine team and SNS for three years. I am so excited to be leading such an awesome group of people and to be part of the Hoofers Club as it has been one of the most important parts of my college experience. I can't wait to meet everyone at events and on the mountain! Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions or ideas!