Get Involved With Hoofer Ambassadors

Who are Hoofer Ambassadors?

Hoofers Ambassadors are students and community members interested in learning about diversity and inclusion in the outdoors and working collectively to make the outdoors more equitable and accessible. All identities welcome, and no experience needed, just a desire to learn more about how to make our natural spaces and communities more accommodating and accessible to all! You do not need to be an active Hoofer member to join Hoofer Ambassadors.

Benefits of Being a Hoofer Ambassador

  • Help make Hoofers more inclusive and welcoming to all!
  • Personal development and growth in working with inclusion and diversity initiatives.
  • Leadership skills, good when looking for letters of recommendation or UW Madison Leadership Certificate.
  • FUN! A group of approachable and dedicated Hoofer leaders to connect with!

Hoofer Ambassador Responsibilities

  1. Join a team of fellow Hoofers to have conversations about equity, diversity, and inclusion in the outdoors!
  2. Attend campus and community wide events that focus on social justice and environmental sustainability.
  3. Attend bi-weekly meetings and trainings that facilitate initiatives to make Hoofers more accessible and welcoming to UW Madison campus and community.
  4. Collaborate with other organizations, such as the Multicultural Student Center (MSC), Outdoor Afro, Latino Outdoors, etc. to facilitate a network of people that want to share outdoor experiences with the broader community.
  5. Take a leadership position and collectively work towards changing the culture of Hoofers by developing our outreach through an intersectional lens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Hoofer Ambassador?

Attend Fall 2019 MSC Social Justice Workshop. Reach out to Anna Nordin ( and come check out a meeting!

What if I can’t make it to all of the meetings?

That’s okay! We know you all have busy lives. Make it to half of the meetings per semester.

What if I do not know a lot about social issues?

We are all learning! No matter where your social justice knowledge is at, everybody is encouraged to come and learn with us! Check out some of our resources to familiarize yourself a little better!

Can I join without attending the MSC training?

Yes, but you are expected to attend 1 social justice training on your own time at some point in the semester.

Where are the meetings?

Memorial Union, which is located at 800 Langdon St. Typically, the meetings take place in the Mendota Lodge, which is located in the Memorial Union basement right across from Outdoor UW. Check out this map for more information!

How can my organization collaborate with Hoofer Ambassadors?

Reach out to to schedule a time to meet and collaborate! We are always open to connect with other campus and community clubs.