Hoofer Council Elections

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Council Elections

Council Elections | Club Elections

Hoofer Council is the governing body for all of Hoofers. Composed of the Council President, four Vice Presidents, five Officers, and each of the six Club Presidents, Hoofer Council keeps all of the clubs running smoothly. If that sounds like the job for you, check out the positions below!

We will be accepting nominations March 1 - March 14, 2021



How to Apply


March 1 - March 14, 2021

Before you begin, read through the full position descriptions linked above - these will contain the full list of requirements, responsibilities, and expectations for each position.

Once you're ready, fill out one of the nomination forms below to nominate either yourself or someone else for a Hoofer Council position.

Nominations Accept / Decline

The current Council President will email each nominee a set of position-specific questions, which you should answer and return to the Council President at president@hoofers.org.

President / Vice Presidents: March 15 - March 17, 2021

Your answers to these questions will be displayed publicly on RecHub during the voting period.

Officers: March 22 - April 2, 2021

Selection of Officers shall consist of an application and interview process determined by Hoofer Council. Applications shall be shared with Hoofer membership and have an open application period for a minimum of two weeks. Interviews, unless otherwise noted by Hoofer Council, shall be held with the Council President and current Officer position holder, if that position is filled.

Your answers to these questions will be reviewed in preparation for an 30-minute interview with current members of Hoofer Council. During this step, you will be able to select a time slot for your interview.

For both VPs and Officers, you should treat these questions as an opportunity to argue why you would succeed in your position.

Vote / Interview

President / Vice Presidents: March 17 5pm - March 24, 2021 5pm

Voting will be open for all active members of the Wisconsin Hoofers. Members will be able to read your responses from the previous step on RecHub and vote for their preferred candidate.

Officers: April 5 - April 19, 2021

Complete your interview with current members of Hoofer Council.


March 24 Midnight - March 26, 2021 Midnight

If you receive the most votes or are selected after your interview, the current Council President will email you a formal position letter, which you must explicitly accept and return to the Council President at president@hoofers.org.

Once all positions have been accepted, the current Council President will announce next year's Hoofer Council in March 26, 2021!

Officer positions will be selected April 20, 2021!

2021-2022 Council Term will begin May 1, 2021!

Council President

The Hoofer Council President is the leader of Hoofer Council. He or she has the overall responsibility of furthering the mission and vision of Hoofers. Furthermore, this position represents Hoofers on Union Council, the governing board of the Wisconsin Union. Although not a position to be taken lightly, this position does come with perks such as tuition and Wiscard stipends as well as lifetime memberships with both the Union and all Hoofer Clubs.

Position Description: Council President

Club Presidents

Each Club President leads one of the six Hoofer clubs: Mountaineering, Outing, Riding, Sailing, Scuba, and Ski & Snowboard. Their primary responsibility is to further the goals of their respective club and act as their club's representative on Hoofer Council.

Elections for Club Presidents are handled by each club individually. Click here for more information!

Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents manage some of the essential operations of Hoofer Council and support all of the Hoofer clubs as they strive towards their individual club goals. In addition, Vice Presidents lead committees comprised of themselves and their equivalent positions within each club. In exchange for their efforts, Vice Presidents receive Wiscard stipends and free memberships to all Hoofer clubs during their term of office.

Position Descriptions: Administration | Finance | Information Systems | Marketing


Officers direct the more specialized aspects of Hoofer Council. In particular, Officers will discuss and address pressing issues concerning Hoofers as well as provide policy or other recommendations to the rest of Hoofer Council. Officers receive semesterly meal cards from the Wisconsin Union.

Position Descriptions: Alumni Outreach | Diversity and Inclusion | Interior Design | Programs | Risk Management and Education