Hoofers Council

Hoofers Council is composed of the Council President, six Vice Presidents, and each of the six Club Presidents. Together, these thirteen individuals help make Hoofers the coolest club on campus!

Council President

David Okeeffe Square 2Mb

David O'Keeffe

It is safe to say I was born to be a Hoofer! I grew up sailing in Door County, backpacking in the grand canyon, and snowboarding all over Wisconsin. I am a senior studying International Business, Management, and Entrepreneurship with an interest in international affairs and sustainable development. I am an American, Australian, and a citizen of the world! My favorite place to be is canoeing in the boundary waters.



Jacob Asbjornson Square

Jacob Asbjornson

My name is Jacob Asbjornson and I am the VP- Finance for Hoofers Council. I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Finance and Risk Management. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer and pond hockey, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and hanging out with my dog.



Charlie Childs Square

Charlie Childs

I am a Junior majoring in Biology with a certificate in Integrated Studies in Science, Engineering, and Society. I am a member of the Sailing club and compete on the Wisconsin Sailing Team. I am originally from Austin Texas and a fun fact about me is my favorite place to ski is Alta.



Luke Pitzo Square 2Mb

Luke Pitzo

Hello! I’m a junior majoring in Marketing & Management with a Digital Studies certificate. I love traveling & have explored the outdoors in 19 different countries. I also worked at a kayak company, so I’m down for pretty much anything on the water. Lastly, I love making videos of all the cool views, sunsets, & activities I come across!


VP-Information Systems

Caleb Reiter Square 2Mb

Caleb Reiter

Hey everyone! My name's Caleb and I'm now in my junior year at UW-Madison. I'm double majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences, so I guess you could say technology is kind of my thing! I started in SnS as Webmaster, and I am now joining Hoofers Council as VP-Information Systems. I'm looking forward to continuing to make Hoofers the coolest club on campus!


Outing President

Mary Cretney Square

Mary Cretney

Hello! My name is Mary Cretney, your Hoofer Outing Club President. I am a senior studying Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies. In my free time, I enjoy backpacking, rock climbing, telling bad jokes, wearing Chacos (with or without socks), playing the ukulele, and climbing mountains. Over the summer, I will be working with the Rocky Mountain Conservancy's Conservation Corps, doing trail work and maintenance in and around Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. I'm super excited to work with the Outing Club this year, with goals to build a strong community and facilitate leadership in all activities in the club. Feel free to e-mail me at outingpresident@hoofers.org with any questions related to Hoofers or the outdoors! See you on the trail!


Mountaineering President

Elena Dai Square 2Mb

Elena Dai

I’m Elena, your Hoofer Mountaineering President! I am a senior from Charlotte, North Carolina studying Neurobiology with a certificate in Global Health. I only started climbing a little over two years ago, but it's safe to say I'm hooked for life. I love everything climbing related; lazy days at the crag, crazy multi-pitching trad excursions, and learning everything I can about the best practices for gear and safety that the climbing world abides by. More than anything, though, I love sending hard with my fellow Hoofers!

I came in to the Hoofer Mountaineering Club after learning how to climb one summer, and it is because of this club that I have made so many lifelong climbing friends and have become the much more experienced and competent climber that I am today. This is what I hope to give every Hoofer member the chance to do for themselves.


Riding President

Erin Roberge Square

Erin Roberge

My name is Erin and I am so excited to be the Riding Club President! I am from St. Paul, Minnesota and currently a junior studying Animal Science with an emphasis in Business. I joined Hoofers my freshman year and have served as Marketing Chair and Vice President for the Riding Club. I am so excited for another great year in Hoofers!


Sailing Commodore

Lukas Duddleston New

Lukas Duddleston

Lukas, the Commodore of the Sailing Club, is a 5th year Ph.D. student studying plastics engineering in the Materials Science Program. He has been a member of Hoofers since 2012 in both SnS and Sailing clubs. In his free time, he enjoys skiing with his family in the Swiss Alps, sailing on Lake Mendota and refereeing collegiate & youth soccer. Before serving in his current role, he was the Club Steward and the Vice-Commodore of the Sailing Club.


Scuba President

Samantha Schiereck Square 2Mb

Samantha Schiereck

Hi, my name is Samantha Schiereck and I will be a Junior here at UW-Madison majoring in evolutionary biology with the intention to continue to grad school for Marine Biology. I have been scuba diving for 4 years and this will be my third year as a member of scuba club. I have logged nearly 50 dives including ocean dives in Cozumel, Cancun, Hawaii, and Bonaire and am planning on getting my divemaster this summer.


Ski and Snowboard President

Amanda Fenton Square

Amanda Fenton

Hi Guys! My names Amanda, and I am going to be a senior in the fall. I am double majoring in Kinesiology and Psychology, eventually making my way to med school. This will be my fourth year as a SnS member, and my third on the executive board. I started out as executive secretary, last year I was the VP- finance, and next year President. Anticipating a great year for Hoofers, and as always, praying for an abundance of snow next winter!